Finished 09/12-2022

No Cricket Stockholm is a Swedish company founded in 2019 by two young and fashion interested guys. No Cricket was one of the first Swedish companies to bring vintage to the Swedish fashion market, and is still today one of the leading companies on the vintage market in Sweden.

No Cricket’s website is a ecommerce site made with woocommerce and elementor but also a lot of custom code to create all the small details that takes the website to a whole new level. The site is very simple with a easy to use and very minimalistic interface.

Still in progress

ShoeDora Scripts Is a Swedish sneaker bot and toolbox made by me and my friend. We were the first bot and toolbox ever made in Sweden and the first bot and tool focused on Swedish sneaker sites. is used for displaying our bot and tool and answering to FAQ and other questions people might have about the bot. The website is made with elementor and also som custom CSS to make the finishing details.

Finished 02/27-2021

NOIDE was a Swedish clothing brand founded in 2020 by me. NOIDE is not active anymore, but it was a fun and very learning experience. NOIDE was a streetwear and skateboard brand. 

I was 13 when i started NOIDE and i didn’t have a lot of money to invest so i wasn’t able to reach all my goals. But i’m still very proud of how everything came out.